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Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with a variety of treatment options offered by Rijah in her beautiful studio #111 at the Mint Salon Block

What’s on the Menu?

Deep Tissue Massage

I am deeply interested in the structure of the body and restoring muscular integrity, while realigning the posture. Deep tissue massage is for clients who want pain relief, improved range of motion, and recovery from injury.

        60 minutes- $90

        90 minutes-$130

Swedish Massage

Need to unwind from your day? Swedish massage focuses on deep relaxation and moving the lymphatic fluid, providing improved circulation and relieving tired muscles.

        60 minutes-$90

        90 minutes-$130

Pre-natal Massage

Treat your body and your baby to deep relaxation and relief from sore muscles that are working extra hard during this special time.

        60 minutes-$90

        90 minutes-$130

Zero Balancing

Works with the bone energy, which is the densest energy in the body. This hands on technique holds space for your body to realign and rejuvenate. Zero Balancing can be blended seamlessly into your massage or as a full session.

        60 minutes- $90

Rijah’s Mint Deluxe

Combining Swedish and deep tissue techniques, hot stones and hot towels, zero balancing, and aromatherapy to provide deep relaxation and a profound sense of well being.

          60 minutes-$100

          90 minutes-$130

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

The ultimate New Year New You treatment. Chakra clearing and balancing uses the power of quartz crystals to clear and align your energy system. ZB is a hands on treatment that works with the bone energy, the densest energy in the body. This work provides a stillpoint for your body to reorganize around, providing a profound sense of well being, and space for your body to reset.    

60 mininutes-$100

Muscle Rescue

Deep tissue focus massage with the added benefits of Arnica oil, your muscles will thank you.

          60 minutes-$100

          90 minutes-$130

DoTerra Essiential Oils Special

Relaxing/Invigorating/Indulgent: DoTerra special massage oil sequenced to provide optimal benefits using medical grade pure essential oils.

          60 minutes-$100

          90 Minutes-$130

Spa Body Treatments

Body treatments are 90 minutes and can be tailored to your specific needs and seasonal skin conditions. Body treatments include full body Swedish massage.

Choose from:

All Body treatments are 90 minutes - $175

Treatment Additions

Add CBD infused oil to

any treatment for $25

Add Reflexology, Zero Balancing, Hot Stones, Arnica Oil or Aromatherapy to any massage or body treatment for $20.